Meet Our Vendors

Meet our Vendors!

  Boho Deisng Company

Cynthia T Makes

Crowley's Candles

Earth to Artsy

Glass Garden Creations

Gypsybee Studio

HP Designs

Ka'De Crafts and Woodworking

Karen Freeze

Karla Krafts

Kris + Olivia  


Moonscape Creations

Mtn View Creatives

Silly M Designs

Want to become a vendor?

How does it work?

Vendors drop off items to be sold at Hometown Collaborative with a filled out inventory form. We will then enter items into our system with the information you provide (details, pricing, etc.) and place a barcode on the items.

Items will be incorporated into the flow of the boutique. Displays will be provided by Hometown Collaborative. (If you do have a specific display you would like to use, just let us know and we will see what we can do)

Vendor Fees

35% of total sales

Vendors will receive payment for all items sold in a month minus the 35% of total sales.

Reports and payouts for items sold will be given the following month.

Reports will be completed by the 10th of the month and the payouts will be completed by the 20th of each month.

What do we accept?

We accept items that are handcrafted, handmade, or designed by local artisans.

We DO NOT accept the following items:

  • Wholesale items
  • Items not crafted by the interested vendor
  • Large or Bulky Items

We already have vendors who make the following items.

  • Sublimation or Epoxy Tumblers
  • Notebooks/Planners
  • Crocheted Items

Drop Off and Pick Up

Drop Off
Drop off items with a filled out inventory list. This helps us know what to put in our system. We ask that vendors refresh their items at the very least every 60 days.

Pick Up
When you pick up items, you can let us know ahead of time or just come in. We do need to know what you are taking so we can remove the inventory from our system.

Seasonal Items
We ask that seasonal items be picked up as soon after the holiday/season as possible. We don't have a lot of storage space and cannot keep items outside of season.

Tips and Tricks

  • Brand your items!  Put your logo on everything!
  • We place a barcode on everything.  Keep that in mind when you put tags on your items.  Our barcodes are small and we do our best not to cover anything, but sometimes it can't be avoided.
  • We supply an inventory sheet.  Have it filled out before you come in for a faster drop off! (You can use your own inventory sheet, but we need included: Item name, description, price, number of items). Not including an inventory list with all information can delay getting your items out.
  • Trade out items and refresh your inventory at least every other month.
  • Tag us on Social Media when you get new items in the store!  Share share share!
  • Keep prices consistent. Of course, charge the worth of your products but be mindful of similar items with several different price points.
  • If you have high priced items, bring them in! However they can take a while to sell sometimes. It takes the right person to want it! Supplement your sales with lower priced items!

Apply Now!

Please complete the google form by clicking the button below.

Submission of this form does NOT guarantee acceptance as a vendor.  As much as we would love to host everyone, we only have so much room. 

Current Vendors

Inventory Drop Off
We want to make adding new inventory to the system even better than it has been.

To help streamline this process, print and fill out Vendor Inventory Drop Off Form.  If you are unable to print, we will have copies at the store.

Also, please allow up to five (5) business days for inventory to be added to the system and put out.  This is especially important around the holidays as many items are dropped of around the same time.