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Hooker Hollow

Handcrafted Tea

Handcrafted Tea

Handcrafted Locally by Hooker Hollow Gardens and Apiary

Chamomile Rose Tea Blend is a soft, calming and soothing choice.  It will ease upset stomachs menstrual cramps and improves digestion.  Enjoy this refreshing blend any time of day.

Echinacea Rose Boost Tea Blend was created to activate immune system, boost energy, and refresh.  Enjoy this refreshing blend any time of day.

Chrysanthemum Green Tea Blend was created to cool and detoxify the body, clarify the eyes, relieve sore throats, and improve skin complexion.  Enjoy this refreshing blend any time of day.

Elder Flower, Peppermint & Yarrow Tea Blend was crafted for immune system support, to reduce duration and severity of cold or flu, and to support healthy respiratory function.

Horehound, Mullein & Thyme Tea Blend was crafted to be a gentle, stimulating expectorant and soothe itchy and irritating coughs along with being antimicrobial, antispasmodic and relaxant for the bronchi.

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