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Fluorite | Wand | 60 x 14mm

Fluorite | Wand | 60 x 14mm

A crystal wand is intended for healing. The rough shape of this crystal is meant to be molded and end in a point, accumulating energy, and directing it toward someone or something. Aside from this crystal directing energy away from oneself, it can also be used to improve your own physical energy.

FLUORITE connection, focus, creativity, protection, emotional balance, grounding

PROPERTIES:: Fluorite is a highly protective stone that helps vanquish undesired energy from the Aura, along with any outside influences that cause stress. It cleanses, purifies, and dispels anything that disrupts our mind, including our own anger, allowing us to focus and think clearly. It is said to pluck order from the heart of chaos. In addition, it grounds us and leaves us feeling more balanced.

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