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4" Palo Santo Stick

4" Palo Santo Stick

Many people today cleanse with Palo Santo to invite positivity to their space, their home, or their crystals. It is important to recognize that these are the traditions of indigenous people, and not to use Palo Santo in any way that is disrespectful or without acknowledging its origins. (Jp has Andean roots!)


“Palo Santo”, is a name given to two different species of tree in Central / South America. One of these species, “Bulnesia sarmientoi” IS endangered, however this is not the kind that is sold and burned for its healing properties. It is actually used as commercial timber because of its strength and density. This Palo we and many other shops sell is “Bursera graveolens” While this species is not endangered, it is vulnerable and still needs to protected. You can rest easy knowing that our Palo Santo is regulated, SERFOR approved, and direct from Peru!

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